Meet our Peer Advisors

Every year we have a group of recently graduated Masters students who are here to help all of our MSc students in the Business School. Scroll down to find out more about who you will meet at induction this year…


Peer Advisors 2012-2016



2017 Peer Advisors; Luise, Yingying, Diran and Marija


Last year’s Peer Advisors: 

Introducing Marija 


Where are you from? Montenegro


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What Programme did you study? 

MSc Project Management

What is your favorite thing about Southampton? The vibrant atmosphere on the campus

What’s your favorite food you have discovered in the UK? All due respect to fish and chips, Thai food! 

Name a song you can’t get out of your head. 

Little Dragon – Let Go

Whom would you like to stuck with on a desert island?Benedict Cumberbatch – for scientific reasons, obviously



Introducing Yuting

Where are y41ou from? China

What did you study? MSc Marketing Management 

Favorite thing about Southampton? History of Titanic and that it is a coastal city 

Favorite food you have discovered in the UK? Afternoon tea

What do you like to do in your spare time? Learning French, pottery, swimming, cooking.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? 

Morning person 











Introducing Femi

Where are yo35u from? Nigeria

What did you Study? MSc Strategy and Innovation

Favorite thing about Southampton?
Southampton is the perfect university city: quiet, old and full of interesting people

Favorite food from home country
It is Nigerian Jollof Rice. It is perhaps the quintessential Nigerian party food. It is so popular it has become part of our country’s culinary culture. You can never go wrong serving your Nigerian friends jollof rice.

Considering what you now know, if there is only one thing you could tell you old self while you were coming to Southampton, what will it be? 

I will say relax, enjoy your time here but be prepared to be tested in unexpected ways. Talk to people and ask questions. But above all, engage with the school, the city and the wonderful environment because before you know, the year is gone and all you will have is the memory of all you did.


Introducing Ngoc

Whe39re are you from? Vietnam

What programme did you study? Marketing Management

Favorite thing about Southampton? Nice view of the Sea

Can you name a happy moment when studying in Southampton? When I got home late, was hungry, had no food left on the fridge, nothing beats the pizza offered by my Mexican flatmate. He even made it for me after saying “It is going to take a while to make it so please go into your room to rest, I will knock on the door when it is ready”.

In your opinion, what is British Culture? Please describe by using few simple words. Fish and Chips, politeness and kindness, they love talking/complaining about the weather, Afternoon Tea, ice-cream & pudding, British humour, queuing, Shakespeare, dogs and dogs everywhere.

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