Undergraduate Buddies

What do Buddies do?

You will meet the Business School Buddies at induction, their job is to help you settle into your first few weeks at Southampton. Making the change from learning at School or College to learning at University and leaving home can be hard, whether you are already from the UK or from much further away. Buddies have all been through their first year recently so can help answer questions you may not want to ask staff. They will sign post you to the right places to get help.

Buddies will also hold 3 meetings across the first 6 weeks of term. These may be an informal meet up, a social or a trip. All are aimed at helping you get to know the students you will be studying alongside, outside of lectures.

University is a significant investment so it is important you take advantage of all of the support that is available to you.

What’s the diffference between my Buddy and my Personal Academic Tutor?

Buddies are here to answer questions that you may not want to ask a member of staff. They are not here to give you academic advice or guidance, they are also not trained counsellors. They can signpost you to the right place to get help and often that may well be your Personal Academic Tutor. Above all, Buddies are a friendly face for you to chat to while you get used to living and studying at the University of Southampton.

If you have any questions, want to meet other people on your programme online or just want to keep up to date with everything Business School make sure you join us on Facebook.  


If you have any questions about the Buddy Scheme please email Emma Lester on sbsedo@soton.ac.uk



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