Meet our Peer Advisors

Every year we have a group of recently graduated Masters students who are here to help all of our MSc students in the Business School. Scroll down to find out more about who you will meet at induction this year…

2017 Peer Advisors: Diran, Yingying, Marija, and Hassan

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Introducing Marija 

Where are you from: Montenegro

What Masters programme did you study: MSc Project Management

What is your favourite place in Southampton: Ocean Village Marina

Getting around the city by bike or bus: Biking allows me to explore the city, although catching a cold now and then due to rain is one of its main perks.

Do you prefer tea and biscuits or gin and tonic: Afternoon tea, followed by gin and tonic with friends at the Bridge is my favourite combination.


Introducing Yingying


Where are you from? China

What did you study? MSc Marketing Management 

Favourite thing about Southampton: The environment surrounding the city is beautiful, quiet, and natural. It is a really suitable place for students to study and entertain.

Favourite food from home country: Hotpot, definitely, is easy to cook and really delicious. I believe it is one of the most popular food for almost Chinese students here gathering together to enjoy home taste and build up friendship with others.

Three things you would say to the new students:

  1. Being independent, do something by yourself and see how much you can achieve.
  2. Being healthy, do exercise when you can and sleep early.
  3. Being active, try to experience as much as you can.




Introducing Diran

diranWhere are you from: Nigeria

What did you Study: MSc Business Analytics and Management Science

Favourite thing about Southampton: Southampton is a perfect study environment; typically quiet, very nice people, efficient transport access to most places in the city and few distractions to deal with.

Are you a morning person or a night owl: Night Owl

Considering what you now know, if there is only one thing you could tell you old self on getting to Southampton, what will it be: Thanks for bringing us to Southampton man, you are about to live through an experience that will launch you into the greatness you’ve always desired. You are stepping into a world-class learning system that will bring out the best in you. Some days will be lonely and most will be work-loaded but your faith and determination will keep you going on all days. Most importantly, make more friends, go out more often and travel more often at your free times; it will help improve your experience during the year.


Introducing Hassan

hasanWhere are you from: Lebanon

What did you study: MSc International Banking and Financial Studies

Favourite thing about Southampton: Southampton is a vibrant and diverse city that provides an excellent student experience. It enjoys a relatively good weather and a good location,being close to major cities like London and Brighton. What I like most about Southampton is its fascinating blend of quiet and beautiful suburbs, and the lively and bustling city centre and nightlife.

What are your hobbies: I’m an amateur guitarist and a musician. I enjoy classical music and oldies pop and rock songs.

Who would in a fight between Goku and Superman? Goku! I’m an expert in cartoon physics, trust me.


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