Postgraduate Taught Course Representatives

You can find a full list of course reps on the Student Union website

Following 2017 elections we will list the Business School course reps and their email addresses, along with a picture so you know what they look like and how to contact them.


MSc Accounting and Finance ( 2 positions)

MSc Accounting and Management ( 2 positions)

MSc Business Analytics and Mangement Science (BAMS) (1 position)

MSc Business Analytics and Finance (1 position)

MSc Cyber Security Risk Management (1 position)

MSc Digital Marketing (2 positions)

MSc Finance (2 positions)

MSc Global Entrepreneurship (1 position)

MSc Human Resource Management (2 positions)

MSc International Banking and Finance (1 position)

MSc International Financial Markets (IFM) (1 position)

MSc International Management (2 positions)

MSc Knowledge Information Systems Management (1 position)

MSc Marketing Analytics (1 position)

MSc Marketing Management (2 positions)

MBA (1 position)

MSc Project Management (1 position)

MSc Risk and Finance (2 positions)

MSc Risk Management (2 positions)

MSc Strategy and Innovation (1 position)

MSc Supply Chain Management and Logistics (2 positions)

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