Welcome to BSc Marketing/ International Marketing

Watch this short film of Dr Andrew Farrell (Associate Professor of Marketing) for a welcome to your course and tips on what you can do over the summer to prepare. We’ve also provided some activities below to get you started…

What you can do to prepare for your programme…

1) Recommended reading

We want you to enjoy your summer! Don’t worry too much about reading academic texts before you arrive as there will be plenty of time for that when you get here. Reading good quality newspaper regularly is a good way to adjust to reading at university level. We recommend The Financial Times, The Economist, and the business sections of the major broadsheet newspapers (Times, Guardian, Independent, Telegraph).

For an accessible academic introduction to marketing we recommend:

Armstrong, G. and Kotler, P. (2015) Marketing an Introduction, 12th ed. London: Pearson.

NB: This is available as an ebook from Southampton University library. You will need to set up your university IT account before you can access this.

2) Think about how organisations market to you

We all experience marketing as a customer or consumer. Before you arrive, think about the ways in which organisations market their goods and services to you.

3) What to expect from academic study

This short online activity will help you to reflect on what you want to get from your time at university and prepare you for the types of learning you can expect.

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