PG Peer Advisors Events

PG Peer Advisors Events  

Business School Postgraduate Welcome Social

Welcome Social

Welcome Social

The first event that we organised was the big Welcome Social for all the Business School Postgraduate students. Following up on induction week, we wanted students to get to know us, and to get to know each other. Around 170 people enjoyed the evening over drinks, snacks, games, music, and — most importantly — great company! The event sparked interest among the students for more social activities in the future, so we made sure to take that request on board, and keep up the momentum.

British Tea Tasting and Board Games Night

British Tea and Games

British Tea and Games

As the old saying goes – you need to make your Thursdays themed… Ok, so maybe it doesn’t go like that, but we still decided to do it! In order to balance academic life with out-of-class activities, we decided to organise eventful Thursdays, and use them to introduce students to various aspects of the British culture. Tea and board games worked perfectly, as people enjoyed a variety of brews, and got the chance to learn how to prepare these brews properly with the help of our tea enthusiast, Emma Lester. Notwithstanding the tea propaganda, some of us are still avid coffee-drinkers!

Movie Night

Monty Python Movie Night

Monty Python Movie Night

The following Themed Thursday night was reserved for a special movie – Monty Python and the Holy Grail. To incentivise students to join, and provide a genuine cinematic experience, we provided popcorn, snacks and soda to the attendees. Some of the jokes went over our heads, but at least we learned that the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallows is not the same for African and European birds (potentially life-saving piece of information).

Live Music Event

Live Music

Live Music

We saw a lot of talent and spark on the dance floor during the Welcome Social, so we decided to give people the chance to stir it up again. To make things more exciting, we hired a live band to entertain us, and provided drinks and snacks for attendees.

For those who like to show off their dancing skills, we prepared a dance flash mob with a great playlist prepared by our one and only Lady Popcorn. We’re pleased to say that the Hartley Suite witnessed some unforgettable dancing!

Out of the Box Knowledge Series 

We went to great lengths to arrange three intellectually stimulating talks with some great external speakers, under the title “Out of the Box Knowledge Series”. These are non-academic talks, designed to inspire you to think beyond academic boundaries, and expand horizons!

Oxfam, Business as Unusual



OXFAM, the globally renowned aid and development charity paid us on 28th November 2016, at 4pm in Building 2, room 3043.

The event was organised as part of a series dubbed “Out of the Box Knowledge Series”, which aims to help students expand their horizons, and absorb views from outside of the boundaries of the academia.  Sarah Cramoysan, our speaker, has been working for Oxfam for quite some time now, and she delivered an interactive talk on Oxfam’s work, and interaction with business through enterprise development programmes, and through cooperation with large corporations. If you are interested in the presentation, please visit the following link:

Additionally, Sarah prepared a list of useful links for exploring the range of activities that Oxfam pursues, which can be found at:

Managing Across Cultural Differences


This out of the box knowledge session, which will be delivered by Dr Nigel Paterson, will give you an overview of the very memorable Lewis Model of cross-culture and some of the most valuable applications of this model in the business contexts. Understanding cultural differences, especially in business contexts is a very helpful component to understanding other cultures, variations within your own culture and indeed yourself. Join us at 4pm, 30th November, in Building 58, room 1023!

British Culture and Trivia Night 


Friends International are helping us understand the British culture through trivia! Be ready to learn, have fun, and relax! The event is taking place 1st December 2016, at 6pm, in Building 02, Room 1089. See you there!

Christmas Cruise 


Last, but not least, we are organising a wonderful Christmas Cruise, and a chance to say goodbye to your peer advisors, as this is the last event we will organise! Sail across the Solent waters, enjoy a basket meal and a welcome drink, and join us at the dance floor one last time! Let’s make the end of the semester spectacular!

When: 08 December 2016. We sail out at 7pm, so make sure you get there earlier!

Where: Ocean Village marina

Tickets: £14, available from Tickets have been discounted thanks to the generous contribution of the Business School! Contact us if you have any questions at all, and we hope to see you at the events!

Dear attendees, please note that you can find some details and useful information in the itinerary attached below. We suggest you read through it so as to prepare for the event and fully enjoy the evening.


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