Student Academic Representation

Business School Academic President

The Students’ Union works with the University to facilitate the Student Representation (rep) system. You can find more information about the various positions and how to get involved on their website.

Our Business School Academic President (the person who organises Business School Course Representatives) for 2017/18 is Peter Mitchell. Peter is a 2nd year BSc Business Innovation student. He can be contacted using from September.


Peter Mitchell, Business School Academic President 2017/18

Here is the 2016/17 Academic President, Sumaiya Hameed talking about her role. 

Course Representatives

There are course reps for each programme and each year group. They are who you speak to if you have concerns about an element of your course. Queries from “my lecturer speaks too quietly” to “can slides be provided for the lectures to aid note taking?” can be fed back to the course reps who can then raise it at Staff Student Liaison Group (SSLG). You can also feed back positive things to them such as a favourite lecturer and why you like them. They cannot give you academic guidance but should be able to help you find sources of support.

You can nominate yourself to be a course rep by logging in to the Students’ Union webpage or by emailing Peter for more information.

Becoming a course rep is a great way to boost your employability and give yourself stories to tell in job applications and interviews. Course reps should make themselves known to you and we will list them here and in our newsletters when they have been elected.

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