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Talent Development Programme

What is the Talent Development Programme?

In a competitive employment market, employers are looking beyond academic achievement when considering applicants for a job or internship. Employers now expect to see evidence of other skills and achievements that boost student’s attractiveness as potential employees. All graduates need to be equipped with employability skills which cover a broad range of non-academic or softer skills and abilities which are of value in the workplace.

The Southampton Business School Talent Development Programme is the perfect way to complement your studies at Southampton. Through a mixture of in person events, workshops and experiences, you will focus on developing the skills you need to stand out from the crowd. Whether you are looking to secure an internship, placement or graduate level job you will have the opportunity to try new experiences, reflect on your personal and professional development and build your employability portfolio.

The programme contains a number of experiences offered by Southampton Business School in collaboration with internal and external partners to offer you a variety of experiences to enhance your CV, such as live work experience opportunities and exclusive events. You will also be signposted to relevant support mechanisms such as careers advisors and industry professionals who can help you navigate your career journey.

“The Talent Development Programme at the University of Southampton was a remarkable journey in my career. The programme was well-structured and provided me with the key skills that are helpful for my professional and personal development. I learned how to better communicate, collaborate, and lead, and I also gained a deeper understanding of the business world. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this programme, and I am confident that it will help me to achieve my career goals. After successful completion of the programme, I was awarded for my efforts and I am entitled to experience a full day at the Hansuke Consulting office. This was a great honor, and I am excited to have the chance to learn more about the company and its culture. I would highly recommend the Talent Development Programme to anyone who is looking to advance their career.” 

Aparna Thammandil Madhusoodanan, MSc Business Analytics and Management Science  

Why should I complete it?

  • You will have a better self-awareness of your strengths, weaknesses and career goals and be able to put this into an effective action plan
  • You will have built a virtual portfolio to demonstrate your career readiness and professional development to potential employers
  • It is a efficient way of keeping track of all of the fantastic opportunities that the university has to offer you and evidence your participation
  • You’ll receive a digital badge and invitation to the TDP Awards event in May 2024!
  • You’ll be eligible for additional prizes! Previous prizes include an invitation to an exclusive Business South Directors Dinner, a 1-1 coaching session with a senior leader from IBM and Management and Leadership training courses
  • Win UoS branded goodies when you earn a certain number of points…

Who can complete it?

The TDP is available to any Southampton Business School Student, whether you are an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Student. Please note to read the activities clearly as some opportunities may only be suitable for Undergraduate or Postgraduate Students.

How does it work?

The TDP is split into 3 sections:

1. Workshops
We highly recommend you attend the 3 workshops that will be run as part of the Talent Development Programme, face to face on campus. These workshops will support you with completing the programme and provide further support to enhance your employability. We will focus on helping you to get started, create your action plan and help you discover where you want to be and how to get there. They will also be a great opportunity to engage with staff, like minded students and professionals from the TDP network. Learn about the next workshop here.

2. Activities
We have curated a list of activities, compiled of events, support services, mentoring and other opportunities which are available to you as a Southampton Business School Student. You can pick which activities you would like to complete and click on them to find out what you’ll need to do and how you evidence your participation to earn the points.

Different activities will require different levels of effort, therefore different points have been allocated to each activity.

3. Talent Action Plan

To complete the TDP, you will also need to complete a Talent Action Plan, for which we will provide a form and guidance at the workshops on how to complete it. The action plan is something you will be able to take forward into your next year of study, or even after leaving the university, to help you plan your TDP journey.


  • September/October – CEPAR Launch events – Enrol onto the platform
  • November 15th 2023 – Workshop 1
  • February 8th 2024 – Workshop 2
  • May 1st 2024 – Workshop 3 / Awards event


If you have any queries about the Talent Development Programme, please get in touch at